In order to better serve its customers in Flandres (Belgium), Molecular Plasma Group has moved its regional operations from Zellik to the Bio-Incubator in Leuven effective December 20, 2019 and changed its name to MPG bv.

MPG’s lab in Leuven is equipped with its latest PlasmaSpot™ technology and offers process & application development services for industrial as well as academic customers.

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MPG bv                                                                                             MPG SA
(p/a Bio-Incubator)                                                                        Technoport Hall 4B
Gaston Geenslaan 1                                                                        Rue du Commerce
B-3001 Leuven                                                                               L-3895 Foetz
Belgium                                                                                            Luxembourg
Tel: +32 475 28 37 05                                                                   Tel +352 54 55 80 461

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