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Our Core Team, Company and Network

Company profile

Spin-off from 2 research institutes: VITO (Belgium) & LIST (Luxembourg)
Created in 2016
HQ in Luxembourg with subsidiary APEMCO bvba in Belgium
Experienced team
Full service provider:  from application development to industrial solutions

MPG Europe Map
Regis Heyberger

Regis Heyberger

COO & shareholder
marc jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Co-founder & CEO

Jan Vansant

Co-founder & Chairman

Gill Scheltjens

CTO & shareholder
joanna borek donten

Joanna Borek-Donten

Lead Scientist
Lauranne Foy

Lauranne Foy

Executive Assistant
bertrand schons

Bertrand Schons

Laboratory Engineer
malek alnasser

Malek Alnasser

Lead Engineer
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