Our Core Team, Company and Network

Company profile

Spin-off from 2 research institutes: VITO (Belgium) & LIST (Luxembourg)
Created in 2016
HQ in Luxembourg with subsidiary APEMCO bvba in Belgium
Experienced team
Full service provider:  from application development to industrial solutions

Belgique Luxembourg
Regis Heyberger

Regis Heyberger

CEO & shareholder
marc jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Investor & chairman
joanna borek donten

Joanna Borek-Donten

Lead Scientist

Jan Vansant

Investor & board member

Gill Scheltjens

CTO & shareholder
Lauranne Foy

Lauranne Foy

Executive Assistant
bertrand schons

Bertrand Schons

Laboratory Engineer
malek alnasser

Malek Alnasser

Lead Engineer

Agent Network

Jérôme De Montbron

Daniel Trost

Jere Koskinen

Harold Blom

Didier T'Kint

Yorick Lauwers

Stuart Jackman

Ashley Dyer

Omer Akat

Sancha Salgueiro

Rita Benkirane

Amit Gandhi