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Enabling New Solutions

  • Adhesion
  • Release
  • (Bio) - Molecular Immobilisation
  • Superhydrophobicity
  • ...

Cutting-edge eco-friendly plasma solutions

enabling surface functionalization through plasma

Enabling surface functionalization through atmospheric plasma

Our technology enables the use of a wide range of precursor molecules in a atmospheric plasma allowing you to design customized surface functionalities ranging from adhesion, release functionalities, tunable super-hydrophobicity up to anchoring of biomolecules onto any substrate.

An enabling technology with unique features

  • Injection and control of a range of gases to provide a choice of reactivity levels (N2, O2, Ar, He, Ammonia mixtures, etc.)
  • Injection and control of various precursors in the plasma enabling functionalization of the treated surface (gases, liquids, a mix of liquids, colloidal suspensions, etc.)
  • This unique combination provides functionalization with high retention of functional groups as the integrity of the chemical precursors introduced in our system is maintained.
an enabling technology

Our positioning in the world of atmospheric plasma

Gas TypeAirN2No limitations
PropertiesHigh Energy Plasma Injection limited to Siloxanes
Increase substrate Temperature
Medium Energy Plasma Non Polymerizable
h2, CO2, NH3
Increase substrate Temperature
Low Energy
H2, CO2, NH3, C2H2...
Liquid precursors

Limited substrate temperature increase
RequirementsTemporary increase of wettability and adhesionPermanent increase of Wettability and adhesionPermanent increase of Wettability and adhesion
Customized Surface Functionalization

Our capabilities

  • A full service provider
  • Application development
  • Equipment from laboratory to industrial
a foul service provider

A full service provider

We are a full-service provider offering application development as well as design, construction and servicing of equipment ranging from lab systems for R&D centers and universities up to industrial in-line systems for continuous production.

Application development

our application development approach

Using a well structured process, we accompany our partners to implement tailor made production applications using our technology.

Equipment from laboratory to industrial

Examples of applications

  • Adhesion for fibers
  • Adhesion for metal and polymers
  • Adhesion of rubbers
  • Biomedical

Surface functionalization of Carbon Fibers

  • Remove weak boundary layer
  • Enhance wettability
  • Create active sites for chemical bonding
  • Promote mechanical interlocking
surface functionalization of carbon fibers

Continuous Fiber Treatment

  • Double-spot set-up (based on PlasmaSpot process)
  • Universal for any type of fiber
  • Freedom to choose plasma gas and precursor type
  • Homogeneous plasma, no intense plasma streamers caused by fiber fragments
continuous fiber treatment
adhesion for metal and polymers

Adhesion for metal and polymers

  • Plasma treatment of back coated steel
  • Indirect plasma (PlasmaLine®)
adhesion for metal and polymers litecor car body components
adhesion for metal and polymers graphic


  • Poor adhesion between anodized aluminum and 2K PUR resin
  • Water penetration to electronics during outdoor applications


  • PlasmaSpot® treatment of the aluminum profiles
  • Use of customized precursor


  • Leading to improved interaction between aluminum surface and PUR resin
  • Corona activation alone was NOT bridging between both materials.
Without treatment
Without treatment
With treatment
With treatment
Without treatment
Without treatment
With treatment
With treatment

Adhesion for EPDM foam



  • Poor adhesion between Acrylic Adhesive and EPDM foam


  • PlasmaLine® treatment using a chemical precursor before lamination to the acrylic adhesive
  • Use of customized precursor


  • Application in automotive sector
  • EPDM foam intrinsic resistance lower than the adhesion


  • Treatment of microwells
    • Enhanced wetting
    • Deposition of a functional layer for surface reaction, adhesion...
  • Diagnostics (TBC, HIV,...)
    • Optimal hydrophilic properties
    • Biomolecule immobilization

This project was funded by the European Union for research and technological development

  • Tissue engineering : advanced scaffolds
    • Enhanced wetting, optimal seeding
    • Higher cell adhesion
    • Optimal cell distribution
    • Enhanced cell proliferation
  • Dermatology
    • Skin / wound treatment
    • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Biocompatibilization of surgical fibers
    • Grafting of collagen to ensure biocompatibility
    • Surgical fibres composed of bio-resorbable polymers (PLA, PCL)
    • Advantages :
      • Irreversible bonding of collagen
      • Treatment at ambient temperature (below Tmelt of 60 °C)
      • No contact with aggressive media

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